Owners Outpost

The place to work on your business, and yourself, so you're ready for your next adventure.

Hi there! Welcome to our community of business owners. 

Please, take a seat.

Business ownership is an adventure. But it isn’t the only adventure in your life. What is one thing you’d like to experience once you’re no longer leading your business?

(No, really, think about it and picture one thing!)

That’s great! What if you had an opportunity to make that dream a reality tomorrow? Would you do it? You should feel confident in your ability to step back or step away from your business on your terms to tend to your own personal bucket-list. That’s readiness.

Readiness is both exciting and exhilarating, but for many it's also uncharted territory. What if there was someone to walk you through the process, with a group of like-minded business owners? 

Owners Outpost is a premium and affordable Mastermind Group to learn, grow, and create your readiness. Each Mastermind is led by an Owners Outpost Guide that facilitates bi-weekly, virtual discussions on proven strategies to get you - and your business - ready for the Next Adventure.

Think of the Guides as forest rangers – they might provide you with a trail map one day, and the next day you might need them to help you walk down the mountain. Your Outpost Guide is here to cheer you along the way.

But that's not it. Also inside the Owners Outpost:

  • Resources that target critical areas of improvement  
  • Best practices from other business owners
  • Stories from Owners who are near, in, or have been through their transition
  • Celebrating (and commiserating - we all need to vent sometimes!)
  • Monthly workshops to engage with other owners on relevant topics
  • Learn from experts who support owners through this stage of business life
  • Regular, short self-assessments to gauge your progress towards readiness

We can’t wait to see you at the Owners Outpost!